Locally Owned & Independently Operated in Tallahassee


Where are the replacement windows manufactured?
Our Window World plant is located in Kinston, North Carolina.

What types of Payment Methods & Financing do you offer?
We accept all major credit cards, checks and have 0% financing options available to the qualified buyer.

Will the replacement windows be installed from the inside or outside?
The majority of our replacement windows are installed from the inside. In some situations it may be necessary to install from the outside. 

Do you install replacement windows year-round? If so, will I lose a lot of heat/cooling at the time of installation? 
Window World installs replacement windows year-round. A standard install will take only one to two days. Our installers install one window at a time and are trained to do what they can to minimize heating/cooling loss. The energy savings from the new windows will recover any additional costs incurred within a few days. 

How can I prepare my house for my replacement windows?
Please take down curtains, blinds, or any other window treatments. Security sensors should also be removed and turned off by your security company. Please provide our installation expert with a clear path to the window(s) being replaced by moving anything that may be in the way. It is also advisable to remove all wall decorations from the walls close to the windows as they may fall during removal or installation. 

How long will it take to get my replacement windows? How much time should I allow for the installation?
Your replacement windows will be installed within 4-6 weeks from the date we receive your signed contract. The type of replacement window being installed and type being removed help determine the amount of time needed to install your replacement windows. On average each window takes about 1 hour to complete. Trim work and cleanup will require additional time to complete. An average job will take a one to two days. 

What type of warranty is available for my windows?
All of our Window World replacement windows come with a limited lifetime warranty. However a double lifetime "transferable", lifetime glass breakage, lifetime seal failure, and installation warranties are available. Contact us for more details. 

What happens to my old windows?
After installing your new replacement windows, we remove every bit of debris from your property and dispose of it properly. If you wish to keep your old windows, glass or storm windows, please notify the installer as soon as he arrives for your installation. 

What do I do if there is a problem with the windows?
Please feel free to call our office (850-562-8800) if you have any issues with your windows. Most issues are easily resolved.